Best CBD Oil for Adults and Kids with Autism: Dosage, Treatment, Usage

Autism is a condition from birth which can be lifelong, through childhood and on into adult life. Autism affects development dictating the manner in which sufferers perceive the world and interact with the people surrounding them. So autism can influence every sector of your life, education, work, family life and personal relationships. Autism is uniquely pervasive, autism is for life, not just for Christmas.

The perception of Autism touches a nerve for those who live with an autistic child or family member. Yet autism remains a condition of mystery for those whose lives it has never brushed against, to be viewed with a mixture of suspicion and stereotypical, preconceived ideas. But genius is never far from autism. Be surprised by some of those on the autistic spectrum, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Lewis Carroll, the author of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (that explains a lot), Albert Einstein (definitely a genius) and the painter, Michelangelo, all famous for their achievements and success, not their autism. Did you even know?

Signs and Symptoms of autism

There are a bucket load of possible indicators of autism. Most people on the autistic spectrum will show a selection not necessarily all by any manner of means. These may include delayed speech development or difficulties with talking and conversation, a withdrawn manner, aversion to social interaction, lack of desire to meet eye contact and slow learning.

Autism is broadly divided into three categories. First off is Autistic Disorder which is the average perception of autism, a sort of tabloid depiction of a character with learning problems and an inability to communicate and mix socially. Second, comes Asperger Syndrome, a more dilute version of AD where individuals experience educational challenges but speech channels and communication remain largely unaffected. Lastly, is Atypical Autism or Pervasive Development Disorder, the softest least symptomatic form of autism and the least serious diagnosis.

Treatment and support for those with autism

Autism is commonly diagnosed in the early years when development is not on track with established markers. Interestingly, stats show that boys are much likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls.

Autism cannot be cured. Autism is managed with certain medications to control some symptoms, e.g. insomnia, supportive behavioural therapies like Occupational Therapy and CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and home and educational structures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US reveals that autism affects 1 in 59 children in the States, no wonder parents and young adults are looking for supportive remedies for managing the often debilitating side effects of autism. Cue, CBD Oil, the new ‘must have’ panacea for seemingly multiple conditions including autism.

Best CBD Oil for autism

The best CBD oil for autism is a full spectrum organic product with no traces of THC. This is preferable to isolate as it exploits more productive parts of the plant whilst avoiding elements that are undesirable. Source your CBD oil with caution. Understand that noxious chemicals and THC could be disaster writ large for someone suffering on the autism spectrum so research the provenance carefully. Always check for a CoA, a Certificate of Authentication which in essence, is a third party laboratory controlled test. This is an independent adjudication that the label on the CBD Oil is accurately representing the contents.

Don’t stress about pinpointing exactly the right CBD oil items for your precious offspring or loved one, our editor has done all the hard work. Glance through his top five CBD oil treatments, the best and purest quality.

The best CBD oil for kids with autism

The considerable focus in the CBD oil for autism debate is on kids because nowadays, most autism is diagnosed in the early years, few cases go under the radar into adult life. Parents discovered a while ago that CBD Oil was helpful for conditions like insomnia and epilepsy and by coincidence, it also alleviated some of the behaviour traits that accompany autism such as excitability, anxiety and attention deficit.

CBD Oil from hemp with a less than 0.3% level is legal now in all 50 states in the US. Stay within the law and use safe, clean CBD hemp oil.

How to calculate the right dosage of CBD Oil to influence autism?

Finding the right dosage of CBD Oil for autism is tricky for three key reasons, first, the packaging will not really offer any guidance as there is no regulatory requirement to stipulate a dose. There have been few clinical trials on the effects of CBD Oil and it is viewed as a food stuff by legislators rather than a pharmaceutical. Second, everyone metabolises CBD differently depending on age, biochemistry and other underlying health issues. Third, it matters to some degree in what format you take CBD Oil. A child chewing on a CBD gummie will likely have a slower uptake into the bloodstream than an adult who is vaping.

So how should you use CBD Oil?

Start with a tiny amount and work up, it is trial and error to a degree. What works for one person may be insufficient or overwhelming to another, there are so many variables. Try and stick to the same format of CBD oil say a gummie or a tablet, if you mix and match you will affect the absorption and muddle any conclusion about the right potential dosage.

How does CBD Oil work for autism?

CBD Oil works alongside the human Endocannabinoid System and gives it a boost. Those who have used CBD oil with success for autism firmly believe that CBD products restore order and calm to brain patterns. There is evidence of near miracles, of children who were denied speech but found their voice after relatively few interventions with CBD Oil.