Best CBD Oil (Hemp) for Anxiety: Dosage, Usage, Treatment, Benefits

Anxiety, did that even exist last century? Well, it certainly is a major force today. To pull a line from a copy of a story in the New York Times, “…Kierkegaard argued that anxiety stemmed from ‘the dizziness of freedom’, the paralysis that comes from infinite choice and possibility.’ That remark was genuinely made in 1844, not 2018. As the writer says, “Imagine what he would have thought about it today.” The famous author, T.S. Elliot captured this rather pithily when he said, “We are distracted from distraction by distraction”.

The moniker, ’anxiety’, actually covers whole raft of conditions and disorders ranging from social anxiety to panic attacks down to full-blown depression, personality disorder and disabling mental illness. Anxiety is not picky, it shows up at young teens, sometimes even earlier, and hangs around like an unwanted guest till late in life. If you are affected by anxiety and who isn’t then you can study more about it in this useful and informative commentary.

Anxiety is the broadest sense of the word has been supported with counselling and medication. Anxiety is an increasingly frequent cause of a visit to the physician or cited for time off work. Everyone is becoming familiar with it. It is more acceptable to admit to anxiety, to discuss it openly. New on the treatment therapy scene is CBD Oil.

CBD Oil, the benefits for anxiety

CBD oil is Cannabidiol. No, you are not going to smoke your way to a high and forget all about your worries. CBD does not contain THC but its usage does have benefits and help to reduce anxiety.

How to use CBD oil for anxiety

Users of CBD oil for anxiety report that it does help. There is not much around yet in terms of scientific trialling and testing but there is the odd study that endorses CBD oil and reports positive effects.

CBD Oil comes in varying formats-liquid tinctures, gel capsules, hard tablets, colourful sweet candies called gummies and topical preparations that you can apply to your skin. Most looking to iron out the wrinkles of life’s journey opt for a sugary snack or the oil capsule or pill. Simple to take, they are, most importantly, discrete.

We have picked out the top five CBD oil products for to help treat anxiety. Click here to find more information on where you can buy.

What is the best CBD oil for anxiety?

The best CBD oil for anxiety is the full spectrum CBD which means the preparation has harvested other key nutrients from the plant. Most importantly, it does not contain anything illegal or mind-altering, nothing that would raise a red flag on a urine test conducted by the law enforcement agencies or your employer. You might be tempted to try and alter your mind but the interval is only temporary, bringing you back down to earth with a bump. Read labelling carefully. Some CBD oil contains minute traces of THC which you may not be aware of. Retailers are not daft. If something makes a person feel good, they will buy more of it. Stick with the ethical gang and know what you are putting in your mouth. Think twice, before stealing a gummy bear from that open packet on a colleague’s desk, you never know!

What are the reported benefits of taking CBD oil for anxiety?

CBD oil interacts with the body’s own Endocannabinoid System. The ES balances our functionality, it manages sleep, memory, digestion, immune response and pain. Still not clear exactly how it works, scientists think it might activate the 5-HT1A receptor. This is the target destination for conventional anxiety prescriptions and antidepressants. Doctors are already aware of the anxiolytic –anxiety reducing-properties of CBD oil as a handful of clinical studies support anecdotal user evidence.

People perceive CBD oil as a complimentary and holistic approach to managing anxiety in contrast to the range of commonplace treatments like Prozac, Lexapro and Buspirone. These medications all have challenging side effects. CBD oil works with your body, not against it. CBD oil sits well alongside other therapies like CAM, Complimentary Alternative Medicine, for example, counselling and CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Benefits people catalogue include a feeling of enhanced wellbeing, a lifted mood, increased vigour and positivity and a boost to physical strength and vitality.

The right CBD oil dosage for anxiety sufferers

The packaging does not suggest dosage because CBD oil is not classified as a medicinal product, rather it falls within the nutritional sector. So how can you work out how much to take? Buy a low milligram and experiment initially with small amounts. Any side effects are transient and are more likely to be linked to tinkering with the oil dose. The timing of any supportive drug is crucial. There is lots of peer-reviewed online genuine support, speak to other users and learn from their experiences.

Can children and young people take CBD oil for anxiety?

Did you know that CBD oil has already been used in infants as young as two years old? Witness the case of Charlotte Figi who had been suffering repeated seizures, often a few hundred in a week. Unable to control these distressing events, her parents resorted to CBD oil with miraculous effects. CBD oil enabled her to walk and talk, not options open to her before she was treated.

There are some interesting stats from CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about anxiety in the under eighteens including some quite young children not just teenagers. Often CBD oil is a safer option as some standard medicines have serious implications for non-adult patients.