Best CBD Oil (Hemp) for Sleep and Insomnia: Treatment, Dosage, Help

Can’t get to sleep, what a total nightmare! There are loads of old wives’ tales about aiding restful sleep and how to nod off. If you are an insomniac, you have probably tried most of them.

Folklore remedies

The most absurd of these must be counting sheep! The idea of single white animals jumping over a fence one at a time was likely never seriously intended to induce slumber but has passed into myth and legend, so much so that the phrase, ‘counting sheep’ is used as a reference in conversation for a sleepless night. It’s an old concept and can be found way back in time in literature, even mentioned in ‘Don Quixote’ although admittedly, goats were substituted for sheep on this occasion but the principle remains the same. Other theories include a warm, milky drink before bedtime, lavender on the pillow and avoiding cheese, not sure how that sits with the notion of a comforting dairy based nightcap but there we are. The Huffington Post has some sensible suggestions about how you might improve your chances of dropping off.

It’s no joke!

Lack of sleep whether occasional or horribly regular is very difficult to live with and ultimately injurious to normal life balance and good health. Subscribing to a good sleep routine is undoubtedly relevant. Rich food, too much alcohol, time spent on e-gadgets are just the type of things that interfere with sustainable sleeping patterns. Stress, lack of exercise, depression and anxiety are others and much harder to fix. But if you have already put into place a good nighttime regimen without success, then what next?

What is insomnia?

The actual definition of insomnia is either difficulty falling asleep and/or problems staying asleep. Either way, if you have disturbed nights with frequent periods of wakefulness then you are going to feel like a heap of junk in the morning. And it becomes a horrible self-perpetuating cycle.

Some broken nights are normal, aren’t they?

Everyone experiences periods in their life where they can struggle to sleep, entitled acute insomnia. This is normal and can be triggered by life changes, a difference in routine, a new event – job, University, living arrangement, travel, divorce, bereavement – take your pick. Often these episodes resolve without intervention but anything that goes over the six-month mark is heading towards a diagnosis of insomnia.

Treatments for insomnia

These range from herbal tea to relaxation exercises, mindfulness and meditation through to sleeping pills. Doctor’s won’t prescribe medication as a first line of defence such as Temazepam and Triazolam as these medicines carry risks. They have worrying side effects. There is a crossover with antidepressant drugs as some of these do alleviate insomnia, a handy byproduct as depression is actually one of the major causes of insomnia. But they can be wholly addictive. CBD Oil is an alternative to standard options.

But what if you just want a little something to help you sleep?

Sleeping pills don’t really fall into that category, rather they are a route of last resort and come with a whole host of drawbacks. So you have tried the hot chocolate, the whale music and some yoga stretches, nothing, and you have a big presentation tomorrow, it’s crucial you get your rest. More and more people are turning towards CBD oil to help aid them in their quest for a good nights’ sleep, long-term or occasional.

CBD Oil for insomnia

CBD Oil as a remedy for insomnia is finding increasing favour. It is one of these rare preparations that is really good for sleep and good for you, so hardly any side effects.

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Does CBD Oil really help you sleep?

Yes, it does, CBD Oil really can help you sleep. CBD Oil works with the body’s own Endocannabinoid System which is proven to regulate sleep inducing a relaxing and soothing effect, calming the mind. A principal cause of lack of sleep is anxiety and CBD Oil already has a great track record in this area so it makes sense that it can also promote peaceful nights. Anxiety and its close neighbours, depression and stress remain top of the list as originators of insomnia. Both of these also respond well to the intercession of CBD Oil.

What is the best CBD Oil for sleep?

One of the most efficacious ways to use CBD oil is as a tincture for sleep-related issues. A tincture is an extract or suspension of CBD oil sometimes also marketed as CBD drops for sleep. Placed under the tongue briefly, held for a moment and then swallowed, CBD Oil tinctures are fast acting and discrete, easy to incorporate into your Dreamtime routine. Choose a flavour that you would enjoy last thing at night from multiple varieties on offer.

What is the CBD oil dosage for insomnia?

How much CBD Oil to take is just as important as when to take it. Try a couple of drops and increase the quantity until you find the amount that works for you.

I don’t suffer from insomnia, I just want to know the CBD Oil dosage for a tranquil sleep

The right CBD Oil dosage for sleep will vary according to the individual. Usually, just a few drops will resolve life’s cares and let you drift off to dreamland, waking hours later from a deep and refreshing sleep.