Best CBD Vape Juice, E-Liquid & Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice

Developing a vapour necessitates a heating mode and the presence of liquid commonly referred to as an e-liquid or vape juice. These designations are deployed interchangeably to encompass e-cigarettes, CBD oil and CBD vape juice with and without the inclusion of the constituent, THC.

What is CBD Vape Juice?

The plethora of individual products in both the cigarette and CBD sectors is confusing. Let’s kick off with exactly what is CBD Vape Juice, also be described as CBD e-liquid. Essentially, it is a specially prepared portion of CBD oil which when warmed, produces a vapour. It is vaped in the same way that smokers vape nicotine based infusions.

Can you mix CBD oil with a cigarette e-liquid?

Now, there’s a thought! For optimum results, the liquids need to homogenise, be uniform and blended, not separate into different layers. The base CBD oil does not always gel with e-liquids. CBD hemp oil is not manufactured to be vaporised rather applied to the skin as integral to a treatment or ingested. CBD vape juice is intended for inhalation so what’s the difference?

Best CBD Vape Juice

General CBD oil is intended for use as a tincture. The best CBD Vape Juice or CBD e-liquid as it is sometimes called is specifically formulated with MCT oil to be utilised in electronic cigarettes. CBD Vape Juice does not contain THC so there will no unintended consequences and it will not generate a marker on a drug test.

Full spectrum CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice comes from industrial hemp crops. The best full spectrum CBD Vape Juice originates from organic sources and contains other desirable elements of the plant which gives rise to the label, ‘full spectrum’.

Best CBD e-liquid

The best CBD e-liquid is a sustainably grown hemp from an authentic and verifiable grower. Our healthcare editor has reviewed the CBD e-liquids and Vape Juices and compiled what is the best top five products. Peruse our headliners here.

How to make the strongest juice

CBD e-liquids and vape juices retail in various strengths, on an ascending scale. Equally, smokers’ e-liquids advertise availability in varying nicotine dosages, however, the similarity ends there. E-cigarettes and their contents are designed to wean users off nicotine, in contrast, CBD liquids rise in intensity with stronger effects.

How to mix CBD vape juice with e-liquid?

It is entirely possible to mix the two, deriving mutual benefits from both the calming effects of CBD and the stimulus of a low level of nicotine. There is no alternative system of how you vape this, it is exactly the same as a standard vape juice or e-liquid.

How to vape

Draw in a breath and either retain it in your mouth towards the back of your throat or inhale into your lungs before exhaling. The effect of the e-liquid remains the same as it can pass into your bloodstream from any location once it has entered your body.

Get the recipe book out!

The internet is packed with blending suggestions for a mixture of infused CBD vape juice and e-liquids which have created a generic title of ‘e-juice’. E-juice companies sell juices which are zero nicotine. You might think you are in a juice bar when you go online to buy-fruity, minty, berry smoothie. Use a reputable supplier, you don’t want to end up with a CBD and nicotine cocktail if you are not actually a smoker, that would be so tragic! Ethical traders will clearly reveal their ingredients and be wholly transparent.

What is Popcorn Lung?

Popcorn lung is the title of a condition that may be caused by chemicals found within e-cigarette liquid according to the American Lung Association. It damages the minute airways called bronchioles. Named after a chemical-diacetyl-originally added to the tasty cinema snack to increase its buttery and caramel flavour, the disease was initially identified amongst factory workers responsible for its production. Sweet flavourings are used within e-liquid to augment the taste of maple syrup and coconut. This is not an issue with CBD Oil and CBD Vape Juice.


Legality is tricky. The only element that the law enforcement agencies are interested in is the part of the juice that may contain THC. And that depends where you are in the world when you light up your Vape Pen. With quality and legality assured, snap up a bargain Vape Juice or e-liquid here.

Vaping culture

When did you last see someone smoking a cigarette, so last century? But I bet within the last ten minutes you walked by someone vaping. Vaping appeared as an antidote to smoking but has now rapidly grown to become its own vibe and subculture of Squonkers and Drippers. Some other keywords in this new lingo. ‘Cloud chasers’, vapers who can blow the most exotic formations from the vapour they release. ‘Trick Vapers’ are a class apart, appearing on international productions of BGT, Britain’s Got Talent although not yet sighted on the British version, much to Simon Cowell’s undoubted relief. There are even Vape celebrities on YouTube. Modern vapers are hobbyists, they may never have actually smoked cigarettes. Match that to the prophetic rise of CBD oil and its attendant health benefits and vaping has never looked so good.