CBD Oil (Hemp) Legality in Georgia, Where to Buy CBD Oil in Georgia

Ever since the licitness of cannabis and cannabis-related products came into question, Georgia, among a few other appreciably strict states, has been notoriously stringent with their statewide laws surrounding the topic. Some have gone as far as dubbing it the absolute worst state to reside in for marijuana devotees.

Of course, the savvy cannabis aficionado will somehow discover unconventional, perhaps even dubious methods of acquiring their treasured cure-all, we’re talking about potheads who are looking to score some weight. And because of this, and unfair as it may be, those who legitimately require CBD hemp oil, or medical marijuana shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and put their well-being and safety at risk.

Hordes of people can and do benefit from the usage of CBD oil, like those who struggle with crippling anxiety or chronic pain, arthritis, epilepsy, PTSD, or debilitating migraines, to name just a few of the many conditions that CBD oil helps treat. Some of the best oils on the market to treat such maladies, as selected by our editorial team can be viewed right here.

But before a Georgian jumps the gun, let’s explore the legalities that surround CBD laws in Georgia.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Georgia?

Many seem to be confused about the current and most up-to-date information on CBD legislation all across the country, not exclusively within The Peach State. With the ever-changing legal landscape peppered with landmines specially designed to catch you off guard, it’s understandable why so many are left in the dark.

To clear things up, under Haleigh’s Hope Act, or House Bill 1 from 2015, purchasing and possessing CBD oil became allowed—but only for patients who are explicitly diagnosed with certain medical conditions. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Autism
  • Acquired Immue Deficiency Syndrome
  • PTSD

Now, a diagnosis won’t win you a free ticket to the carnival either. You are also required to hold a designated ID card.

To complicate things further, even with such valid identification, Georgia still prohibits producing, selling, and shipping any and all cannabis products.

The legislation is still rather ambiguous though, and law firms are making a killing by arguing that CBD oil is legal across all fifty states, in the wake of the US Farm Bill of late 2018.

Can You Buy CBD Oil in Georgia?

If you’re searching for where to get CBD oil in Georgia, look no further than the internet. It will save you the hassle of a trip to the store, and if you’re nervous about getting pulled over with CBD oil on you, just have it delivered to your front door instead.

Although there are several retailers you can visit if you choose.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Georgia?

In Georgia, home of southern hospitality and famous for delicious, juicy peaches, it’s much more difficult to get your hands on CBD oil, however, the following merchants should be of assistance.

Canna Bistro

  • 3280 Peachtree Road NE
  • Terminus 100 Building
  • 7th Floor
  • Atlanta, GA 30305
  • (678) 304-9738

Your CBD Store

  • 4015 Washington Road
  • Suite B
  • Augusta, GA 30907
  • (706) 869-5773

The Remedy CBD Shop

  • 4818 Miller Road
  • Columbus, GA 31909
  • (678) 876-0469

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary

  • 302 West Victory Drive
  • Savannah, GA 31405
  • (912) 349-7666

Despite the current state of affairs in Georgia, some lawmakers and politicians are advocating for and working toward a more liberal approach to cannabis and all cannabis-related products and elixirs.