Legality of CBD Oil in Florida, Where to Buy CBD Products in Florida

Florida, the Sunshine State, renowned for its tourism, miles of golden beaches and Disney. It also claims the rather startling title of possessing America’s most stressed out city, Miami, rather at odds with its ‘good time kick back’ reputation. No surprise then that the calming and soothing effects of CBD oil-based products are top of the pharmacy shopping list for many Florida residents. CBD Oil is hurtling to prominence in an almost tidal wave of interest but in the US, laws vary from one state to another. Learn more about the Florida laws and where CBD products are for sale in Florida.

Is CBD Oil legal in Florida?

CBD Oil has been legal in Florida since 2014 but there are conditions attached to the precise definition of CBD Oil so to stay legal, your purchase must fall within those parameters.

CBD Oil – the laws in Florida

The laws surrounding the retail and use of CBD Oil in Florida are pretty simple. In 2014, the then Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, signed off Senate Bill 1030 confirming the legal use of CBD Oil in Florida stipulating that it must contain a level no greater than 0.8% of THC plus more than 10% CBD. Florida’s Medical Marijuana Legalisation Initiative saw medical marijuana approved by just over 70% of votes two years later. Florida recognises a split between CBD derived from the seeds of the hemp plant and Marijuana which is derived from the flowers The latter requires a health card for purchase from a licensed dispensary and the former, CBD, does not need doctor’s approval. The regulation in Florida is a lot clearer than in other US states.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Florida?

First off, a Medical Marijuana card is not a necessity to purchase pure CBD hemp oil so you do not have to obtain a prescription in answer to the oft-asked question, can you buy CBD oil over the counter. Locating CBD Oil products in Florida couldn’t, in fact, be more straightforward.

There is tons of choice depending on your own unique preferences. Lots of shops sell the popular edibles known as gummies but if you own a vape pen you might want to indulge in some CBD vape oil, a lovely addition to an evening out with friends. There are multiple outlets in Florida’s main cities vending CBD products if you are pondering about where you can buy them from. WooCana CBD Oil shop has an excellent rating on 2nd Avenue. Kush Cloud Smoke Shop in Tampa boasts a knowledgeable and informative owner. Live in other locations like St. Petersburg, Jacksonville and Orlando? There are CBD oil retailers in most central neighbourhoods.

Not everyone wants to browse in person, preferring the seclusion and convenience of online shopping. Are you one of those who favours driving the mouse rather than the car? You just might appreciate our top five selected CBD Oil products chosen from a variety of established internet stores. We have removed all the legwork so you don’t even have to budge from your chair. Forget the hassle of comparing endless different sites and postage costs. The best is right here.