Legality of CBD Oil in Ohio, Where to Buy CBD Oil in Ohio

Ohio, a mid-Western American state with a strong agricultural economy and some might hint, the perfect location to farm hemp for CBD Oil. Ohio is home to Columbus, the 15th largest city in the whole of the US, named after the intrepid explorer and CBD Oil is for sale everywhere. Residents of Ohio are certainly not missing out on the health-giving properties of this fabulous hemp derivative but are they flouting the existing law?

Is CBD Oil legal in Ohio?

CBD Oil is not legal in Ohio and there is a genuine turf war going on in this state which has rather muddied the waters. Ohio’s Pharmacy Board maintains that the selling of CBD Oil products in health food shops and other outlets is illegal because they are not being retailed in a licensed dispensary. This sounds rather like a bad dose of sour grapes! Further, the Pharmacy authority states that CBD oil must be subject to the same qualitative testing and regulations which apply to cannabis. Hence, the only legal way to vend CBD is via a marijuana control program dispensary.

CBD Oil and the law in Ohio

The law in Ohio says no to CBD oil but there is a distinct level of protectionism going on. Wander down the main highway in any decent sized town in Ohio and CBD Oil is there, for sale, right under your nose. Is this what they call fifty shades of a grey area? This is ultimately the upshot of the proven success of CBD oil in treating a number of serious health conditions and frankly the money that is to be made. Everyone wants a piece of the action.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Ohio?

Despite the governmental ruling, CBD Oil is quite openly for sale in Ohio. It’s easy to suss out where to buy it. As a large proportion of Ohio’s population lives in or near Columbus, let’s start with that conurbation. Take a stroll and see CBD oil being marketed quite blatantly. Momentum 98 Natural Health Store is one such outfit in Columbus at 3509 North High Street. In Cleveland, there are some on-street suppliers such as Cleveland Holist Collab and WooCana CBD Oil. Smaller cities such as Cincinnati, Toledo and Dayton also have a main street presence but the current state of the legislation in Ohio does not encourage traders to openly promote their wares.

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