Legality of CBD Oil in Texas, Where to Buy CBD Oil in Texas

CBD Oil is the new wonder drug, much vaunted for its health-giving benefits. Touted as a general life improver, it also has form in tackling specific diseases and conditions. But where do the Texas laws stand on this Cannabis family member?

Is CBD Oil legal in Texas?

Essentially, CBD oil is legal in Texas providing it is sourced from a hemp crop grown only for industrial purposes containing a level of less than 0.3% THC. But this baseline or, might it be described as ‘a landing point’, has not been achieved without a fight. In 2014, industrial hemp was ring-fenced off from the Controlled Substances Act by the Farm bill. But then in 2018, the Texas Department of State Health Services went all out to remove any item containing CBD oil from the shelves in shops only climbing down in the face of vehement protest from the public.

CBD Oil and Texas Law

So can you legitimately purchase CBD Oil in Texas? Yes, as long as it is sourced correctly from a legal crop (check the origin carefully) with the appropriate THC levels. Ironically, cropping hemp was banned in the States until very recently. Much of the available hemp was shipped to Texas from Europe and China. Hemp can be grown in the States legally, significantly reducing exposure to substandard, tainted or corrupt CBD from overseas. This is a growth market that can be controlled from within providing a better quality product of integrity.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Texas?

Keen to buy CBD Oil in Texas? All major cities in Texas offer high street options if you are hunting for where you can buy. Houston is well served for CBD Oil outlets. Try Original American Shaman at 9203 S Texas 6#100, Houston, TX 77083, they have great reviews for both human and animal CBD Oil products or there is a CBD Vape Oil shop in Chimney Rock Road. American Shaman also has a retail premise in San Antonio in Fredericksburg Road. In Dallas, check out the sweetly named Cherry Apothecary at 222 W Jefferson Boulevard. Austin as the capital of Texas is also well catered for if you are looking for a shop selling CBD. Try Rawsome in Rosewood Avenue, simple to remember as their reviews are just awesome. Let’s not leave out Fort Worth; both Rawesome and American Shaman have a presence here.

You can see that legit CBD oil products are for sale everywhere in Texas, easy to access with helpful, friendly staff. Don’t want to obtain CBD in person? Prefer the ease and privacy of online purchasing? If you love the protection and seclusion of shopping from your computer at home then take a look at these five top CBD oil products that you can order today with just one click of your mouse. Guaranteed next day delivery is standard. Rest assured, these best buys are all compliant with the legal threshold for THC and are correctly sourced which means you will have nothing to fear from a Texas state drug test.