Legality of CBD Oil in South Dakota, Where to Buy CBD Products in SD State

South Dakota lacks a friendly reputation for marijuana. In fact, the less-than-stellar state might have the harshest laws in America. Having only a tiny amount in your possession can net you a year in jail and a stiff $2,000 dollar fine. If you test positive for marijuana, even if you used the weed in a state legal for recreational or medicinal cannabis you can still face stiff fines and hard time in the lockup. South Dakotans refer to the outlandish law as ‘internal possession’. If you have a cannabis concentrate or hash, then law enforcement will charge you with a felony. Such antiquated regulations might scare you and make you steer clear of using even a hemp-derived CBD product

Is CBD oil Legal in South Dakota

If you are wondering, “Is CBD oil legal in South Dakota?” The answer is yes and no. You cannot purchase CBD oil in South Dakota despite the presidential Farm Bill signed by President Trump in December 2018 which removed hemp derived cannabidiol from the federal government’s schedule 1 category. In 2017, South Dakota passed Senate Bill 95 which includes three crucial components:

  • Exclude cannabidiol from the classification of marijuana.
  • Penalties that apply to the possession of marijuana do not apply to CBD.
  • CBD classified as a schedule 4 controlled substance.

CBD South Dakota Law

CBD South Dakota Law changed and allowed FDA approved cannabidiol to reduce the seizures of childhood epilepsy. CBD is the singular form of marijuana legally allowed. Anyone can purchase hemp-derived CBD off the net but marijuana-derived CBD remains illegal.

Government Opposes CBD

February 2019, Governor Noem made a statement that left little doubt about her not wanting CBD sales to take place. The same month, the police issued a raid on two establishments that tried to sell hemp oil to the public. The Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee wishes to push a bill that would make even the use of hemp CBD illegal despite the federal decriminalization.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in South Dakota

You are wondering where to buy CBD oil in South Dakota? Sadly, there is nowhere to purchase hemp derived CBD oil because the state controls what the drugstores, apothecaries, and vendors stock. You can use hemp derived CBD oil but you cannot buy it from a local distributor. However, you may order CBD oils from online vendors.

The Sale of CBD Oil

The fine print in Senate Bill 95 allows the sale of CBD only if it is FDA approved. There is only one costly CBD product that has gained historic FDA approval and medical professionals only use it to treat two forms of severe childhood epilepsy. Citizens vehemently object to Senate Bill 95 because they see it as Big Pharma’s move to control the state’s cannabis trade with an iron hand.

Ordering Online

The internet holds the solution for most shoppers. Using the worldwide web, place an electronic request and have Fed Ex or UPS deliver the discreet package to your doorstep or mailbox. You can rest easy knowing you have broken no laws and you can us the medicinal products in the privacy of your own home without fear of ramification.

Top 5 CBD products to Buy Online

Internet vendors offer CBD oil, vape oil, tincture formulas, and edibles. If you have hemp derived CBD delivered, then you can legally use it in South Dakota. Please check out our top 5 CBD products to buy online. Each one has been handpicked by our elite editorial team based on purity and superiority. The top-shelf premium products are vetted by reputable third-party laboratories.