Privacy Policy

We at Herbosium respect your privacy and keep your personal information private. We are committed to keeping your identity safe and will elaborate on our personal privacy policy below.

Log files

We follow the standard protocol as it relates to log files. This is something all hosting companies do in order to contribute valuable information to hosting servers for analysis. The info collected is in no way traceable to you as an individual and is rather basic site navigation and demographic information that allows Herbosium to enhance user experience and deliver excellent content to our personal audience. This is how the following types of info that may be in our collection pool and how it may be used to enhance the overall experience:

Browser types a: If we notice that visitors are more partial to one internet explorer to the other, we will want to help make our interfaces compatible. We may notice that more Google Chrome or Firefox users are visiting our site than anticipated and we want to ensure that our site appears friendly and easy to use. It may seem like basic

Internet protocol (IP) address: This information is a confidential way to disclose the location of site visitors. This can allow us to focus our efforts on providing place-specific promotions or posts that are tailored for you and design our content to be more inclusive. If we notice a lot of visitors happen to be from Idaho, we will put extra efforts to provide content that’s related to the particular province.

Date and time: This is further information that can provide us insight on how and when our site is being utilized to better tailor the user experience and deliver information at optimal times. For example, if we notice that the surge of visitations occurs on Monday afternoon, we will prepare new content to be released around that time.

Referring pages: Knowing where you came from and how you click can give us a better understanding of why you visited our site and how you are looking to be helped.

Number of clicks: Seeing what advertisements or articles you choose to visit allow us to understand what information is pertinent to our community.

None of this can be directly connected to your person and serves a purely analytic purpose to investigate trends and offer information for site administrators to gather traffic and demographic information to optimize user experience.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies are the digital way of how internet use can be tailored to a person’s personal experience. All websites use these unless you choose to manually disable them on your computer directly. They offer a subtle way for the internet to look at the pages you visit and provide a personalized experience tailored to you.

Individual sites may use them to save preferences or cart information without needed to register. For example, have you ever accidentally clicked out of the tab you were shopping in? Then you later found that when you reopened the page everything had been saved? That is all thanks to the power of cookies.

Herbosium does not personally control cookies and does not hold responsibility for the information collected through them. Through your individual web browser, you can choose to disable cookies if you see fit.

Online advertisements

There may be online advertisements displayed on our site from unaffiliated companies. In some cases, we share general demographic information about our visitors or users in order to provide good advertisements. This shared information is in no way identifying and contains no traceable information. (For example, we may tell the company 40% of our users are female or 25% of all visitors are above the age of 50). In this way, we intend to target a general audience instead of targeting you as an individual.

Also, understand some third party advertisements (such as Googe Ads) use the information to target ads to you that are based on your overall internet use and we have no control over it. For example, if you are watching a bunch of Youtube videos about dinosaurs and ponies -if you see dinosaur or pony ads on our site, it likely has nothing to do with us nor any information we have collected from our audience.

Third party privacy policy

We do not have any control over the privacy policy of third-party advertisers or websites. These advertisers on our sites may also use cookies and web beacons to gather information on your interests. Every advertising partner has their own, individual privacy policy of which we have no authority over.

We advise you to review the privacy policy of each individual website for detailed information. Our privacy policy over has power over our domain. We have no authority over any sites which may be advertised or be hyperlinked in any of our content.

Children’s information

Children should be monitored when using the internet and we encourage parents and guardians to participate in or watch their online activity. Our website is not suitable for minors as it discusses the topic of a substance that is age restricted.

By using our site, you agree that you are of legal age. We are not liable for information that has been leaked due to misuse of the site’s terms of use. At any time, if there has been information registered to this site that you would like to remove from our database, feel free to contact us and we will do the best that we can.

Voluntary Customer Surveys

From time to time we may conduct customer surveys. The information collected remains anonymous, however, we do review survey answers in order to make our site and services better. We may ask for some sensitive questions such as age or gender, but these will not be used to identify you. Using this information is how we improve upon the site as a whole and the different things that we may offer. Information revived is aggregated rather than kept individually.

How is our information used

Personal information requested from our site in any way is meant only to optimize your experience with us. Information collection upon registration will be kept private and used only for the purposes explicitly stated upon registration. We hold the right to use this information in order to analyze datasets of the users as well as the effectiveness of certain campaigns and promotions. At no point will we ever give or sell your sensitive information to third party services.

Data security

We have taken certain precautions in order to prevent the loss, misuse, or leak of the information that we have collected through this site. We will continue to do everything in our power in order to keep that information safe and sound. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that third-parties will not be able to obtain this information through illegal means of hacking.

Summary of policy

We have secure servers that protect your sensitive details by using cutting edge encryption techniques and firewall technology. We will do everything in our power in order to keep all of your information safe. Use of cookies is meant to optimize and personalize your internet experience, although you can disable this feature if it makes you feel more comfortable. However, we hold no authority of the privacy policies of outside sites linked to our site which are operated by third parties and you should take the time to review their personal policies before visiting their sites. Any information gathered on this site through registration, surveys, or subscription to service will only be used in a non-identifying manner in order to enhance your overall experience. We do not sell your information, nor store any personal information for purposes that are not explicitly explained.


We are happy to hear from you and are always excited to listen to any feedback or criticism you may have. If you have any questions or concerned regarding your site-related data security, please feel free to CONTACT US.

Revisions Policy

Our company has the right to revise or modify any of our policies at any time, in any manner. In such an event, the policies will be updated online as well.

Has the right to revise or modify any of our policies at any time, in any manner.