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Privacy Policy

We are committed to keeping your information safe. We take certain measures to ensure a safe server for all of our users. We do occasionally father non-identifiable information in order to enhance your online experience. We are not responsible for information that has been leaked through misuse of the terms or by unstoppable, illegal forces. For complete information on our privacy policy, please visit this link.


We aim to provide visitors with a general overview of CBD information. Our site is not qualified as an official diagnostics tool nor a sole source of treatment information. We are in no way claiming to be licensed medical doctors implore you to seek professional medical advice from your primary care physician before seeking CBD treatment. We are not legally responsible for actions resulting from site misuse. We try to keep our information as up to date and accurate as possible. We are not doctors and we ask that you contact them directly and refrain from relying solely off of our site for information. We are not responsible to provide damages over content which is not 100% accurate. For complete information on our legal disclaimer, please visit this link.

Termination Clause

We hold the right to terminate your account at any given time if you violate our terms of the agreement. This includes violations of age restrictions, copyright infringement, the creation of prohibited posts, and other unlawful use. If this happens to you and you do not understand why, feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to clarify our decision and possibly discuss the reopening of your account depending on the nature of the case.

If you would like to disable your account at any time or would like to have your information removed from our database, you may also contact us and a representative will start helping you as soon as possible. We do not have authority over the information you may have provided to your internet browser directly or a third-party site you visited from our site. Therefore, we can not do anything to terminate those accounts or retrieve that information and ask that you contact their site directly.

User Agreement

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